Monday, 17 August 2015

Some Pictures from Paris

We've done this wonderful holiday a few times before. The first week in August - and several hot, sunny days wandering around in Paris. Usually parks and galleries and cafes. Usually I do a little drawing - but mostly in the corners of the ruled exercise books that I'm writing in. But this time - during my year-of-drawing-every-day - I set about the business properly. I had all my paints and brushes with me and was intent on catching something of the atmosphere of the days we spent around Notre Dame and St Germain. Here are a few examples of what I got up to.

The colours of Paris turn out to be lime green, sandstone yellow and lilac blue. Everything comes mixed from those few shades. Apart from the blood-orange red of the cafe awnings.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Paintings at the Molly House during August and Pride

When I embarked on my year of drawing one of the places I really wanted to somehow capture was Canal Street and the Gay Village. Throughout 2015 I've made various pictures of the sights and scenes, in and out of the cafes and bars of this legendary locale.  The Molly House on Richmond Street is currently hosting an exhibition of some of my favourite pictures. These original paintings will be up for the whole of August, right through Pride and are available to buy at an extremely good price. (Two have already sold, even as they were going up!)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Can you lend Peter a hand..?

Peter needs some help with a spot of proof-reading for his fiction. I told him if he wrote a little bit about himself and what he needs, I'd post it here, and he might get a volunteer...

"My name is Peter Keeley I have been writing for over ten years now
I have worked in theatre radio film and TV some of this work as been as an actor
I have Cerebral Palsy I am dyslexic so yes being a writer is harder then it need be
Because of the dyslexia I find spelling editing my work I have however been selling some crime fiction on Amazon. This is made possible by my family who help turn my somewhat unreadable draft into a working readable story of crime in early 20th Manchester. The first book is called THE STRANGE CASE OF ALBERT MITCHELL (The London Road Mysteries Book 1) there are two others of them out there at the moment,
 I could do with someone who was willing to take over my family’s role as I feel I’d like to be as professional as I can be, I don’t have much money now but as on Kindle the more you write the more you sell (all being well) Id hope this could somewhere down the line become a paid role."

Can anyone out there lend him a bit of a hand?

Monday, 20 July 2015

YALC and ComiCon 2015

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Olympia, a great big exhibition hall in Kensington, and attending the literary bit of a colossal Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. Downstairs there were sights that wouldn’t look out of place in that strange spaceport of Mos Eisley. Ramshackle stalls displaying all kinds of memorabilia and tat were being perused by beings in all manner of dress and disguise. We saw a great many little ponies, aliens, elves and Jake the Dogs jostling about in the cramped thoroughfares. Bewildered one-time stars of space shows and cult films sat at desks with felt pens ready to sign autographs and eight-by-tens bought by choosy obsessives.

And upstairs the cream of the UK’s Young Adult fiction writers, publishers and readers were gathering in a parallel and no less feverishly excited world. Stalls were laid out with shiny new paperbacks and there were posters, badges and freebies on offer. Lokis and Jedi and Spidermen sat in deck chairs reading novels about Goths and dragons and adolescents-with-issues. It was wonderful to be reunited with the formidable ladies from Firefly, publishers of my new novel. Firefly had what I certainly feel was the most colourful, sophisticated and classy-looking display of the weekend.

There were talks and discussions, readings and workshops. I myself gave a writing workshop with my one-time colleague, Julia Bell. (Time might have been too short, the acoustics strange and the number of students a mite too large, but all seemed to go well.) Signing afterwards for two hours, it was lovely to talk to people and sign their copies of ‘Lost on Mars’, and also to meet those who brought treasured items of my strange and varied backlist: I signed Doctor Who audio cds and novels, and proofs of novels I published many years ago. I love meeting people who’ve kept a far better archive of my own past productions than I have myself!

The whole thing was fascinating and fun. There were lots of funny moments and surreal ones. I loved glimpsing the hero of ‘Gremlins’, now middle-aged and looking lonely in his cubicle without his pet Mogwai. And heroes from Star Trek: Voyager, long-returned from the Delta Quadrant but still looking vaguely dazed. The most cheery and magical-looking of all the Sci-Fi celebs must be Sylvester McCoy, I think. We only glimpsed him from afar, but he really did look as if he’d dropped in from some universe much more way-out and fun than ours.

My favourite funny moment involved another Doctor Who star. Returning, late in the day, to attend the YALC party for writers and publishers, my companion and I waited for a lift on the ground floor. When the doors opened a vast stream of tired cosplayers came tumbling out. There seemed to be far more pouring out of the elevator than it could possibly contain. When my friend and I stepped aboard, only a few wilting souls remained, pressed against the walls. One of them was ex-Doctor Who, Colin Baker, looking mithered in his linen suit. There was a  shortish woman dressed as something-or-other gazing up him in awe.

‘Is this lift bigger than the TARDIS, Doctor?’ she asked.

He gave a superior and huffy sniff. ‘It’s certainly SMELLIER!’

It was perfectly in character for his Doctor persona, but the poor woman looked rather crushed. He rushed to make amends, ‘Oh, but it’s a lift filled with lovely people, of course!’ But I fear it was too late.

It was one of those wonderful, charming, socially awkward moments that always seem to happen when someone from Doctor Who is in the house. I’ve no idea why that is, but I relish these moments when I witness them.

And even though we never saw hide nor hair of Comic Con’s headliners – Sigourney Weaver, Judy Blume or the bloke inside Boba Fett – it seemed like we’d had our share of classic moments.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Pet Portraits..!

Something I've been enjoying doing recently are pet portraits for friends and relatives. It's something I'm glad to find I'm able to do, and to capture something of the personalities of  these cats and dogs!

I'm available for commissioning, of course. At the moment I'm charging a mere £40 to work from photos of your beloved pets. Email me: